Forums Becoming A Target Of Internet Marketers

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Well, this isn’t something genuinely new. People who are selling their products and services online are using forums to market what they have to offer. But, few years ago, this was just a beginning, and now it is becoming mainstrem.

Organized effort is made to swamp forums of all kinds with posts that are nothing more than ads. Internet Marketers are now selling this practice as a service to other brands, big brands who are investing good money into this. And that means there will hardly be a place for anyone to hide from these forums posts.

Most often than not, these posts are written in a manner that is quite simple and everyone can see that it’s an ad of some sort. But there are some forum posts that are written with more thought and it’s hard to determine are these really an honest posts or are these posts from people who are nudging you to visit their website or try out their service. Forum owners can’t really fight these because these “smarter” users will first spend some time to make 10 or 20 posts on the forum, just to get below the radar, and then start posting responses that lead others to visit certain websites and buy certain products.

It’s a type of spam, while not clearly a spam, but I guess it soon will be. Because there are more and more companies willing to advertise online, forum posts will be just one of the many advertising tools they use. How will we deal with this? Who knows. But we will surely be seeing much more of these posts on the forums we like to visit. There’s nothing you can do about it.

5 Mobile Phone Tracking Benefits

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It’s Very Cost Effective

The extended lunch breaks are the thing of the past, with the new technology and mobile tracking it is impossible for the employee to slack when he leaves the office. An employer can monitor the progress of each employee and check his whereabouts at any time.

Safety Is Improved

It is sometimes necessary to keep track of the employees for the safety reasons. When you know where a certain person is, you can easily help them if needed.

Improved Level Of Communication

With a mobile phone in their hands and a mobile tracking system employed, each and every employee can contact the other employee, send texts and emails. This is a perfect way to improve efficiency.

Various Application

Besides tracking the employees, it is also possible to track vehicles and special assets. In case of a stolen or misplaced vehicle or asset, it will be easy to pinpoint its location of the mobile phone is left hidden withing the vehicle.

Arrival And Departure Alerts

The system can be set in such manner that the alert will be sent any time the employee leaves or enters certain locations. It’s a great way to improve planning and stick to the schedule because staff will be alerted if any problems occur.

4 Ways To Deal With SPAM

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Don’t you think it’s weird that we still have to deal with SPAM? Since the beginning of the Internet, people used SPAM to advertise. And sometimes there is just too much for a website or email to handle and they can get disabled. These and many other examples are stealing time for many people, while spammers are getting more and more sophisticated in finding new ways to send more and more SPAM.


You can fight it, and I’m going to show you 4 ways to deal with SPAM here:

1 – If you have forms on your website, you need to install CAPTCHA. This will foil most if not all bots. CAPTCHA is actually an image that contains words or numbers that bots can’t read, therefore they are not able to properly fill the form and send SPAM.

2 – Do not leave your email address anywhere, not even on your website. You will eleiminate a lot of unwanted SPAM by doing this. If you really have to show your email address for other people to contact you, use PrivateDaddy or some other software that will show your email to visitors but hide it from bots.

3 – If you have low number of comments from visitors on your blog, you should just turn the comments off. This is the best way to reduce a huge amount of SPAM that’s comming via comments. But if you have an active community and a lot of people love to leave comments, you will have to deal with SPAM in some other way.

4 – Unsubscribe from anything you do not read anymore. Every blog, website or newsletter will send you notifications of all sorts if you ever had the opportunity to leave your email address to them. So you need to tell them to stop, unsubscribe and solve your problem.